This Dior Face Serum is £950… Yes, Really!

Would you fork out £950 on an anti-ageing serum? Dior's latest beauty buy has got us all talking…

We love an anti-ageing treatment as much as the next person. But we almost fell off our seat when news landed on our desks about the new Dior face serum…

Boosted by Rose de Granville oil – no, us neither – the serum comes in at a whopping £950! No, you didn’t read a typo – that’s £950. For a face serum. A serum. That you put on your face. *Gulp.* And no, it doesn’t also come with a gold box, and no, Channing Tatum doesn’t hand deliver it either.

So what are you actually paying £950 for?

Dior's new £950 anti-agening face serum

Dior’s new £950 anti-agening face serum

The revolutionary anti-ageing treatment promises to perfect your skin in just three weeks. Apparently, it will reduce chronic inflammation which is the cause for ageing skin when exposed to UV exposure or stress. The Rose de Granville oil used is grown in Dior’s own rose garden in Granville, Normandy and it’s only after 5 years of growth, that the flower is ready to be picked. And get this; there is only an hour’s window to pick it before the molecular potency is effected. And only one man can do the job. That’s a very busy rush hour.

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After the roses have been hand picked and the serum has been made,  it is placed into three bottles that are individually wax stamped and come with a gold-thread necktie. Fancy.

Ok, so we see a LOT of work has gone into making this. We are impressed. But we can’t help but think of what else £950 can get you…

15 Zara bags

22 Topshop dresses

95 cocktails

190 Rimmel mascaras

310 packets of Haribo


A week-long holiday to Ibiza!

We’re sure the super serum will work wonders for those lucky few that can get their hands on it. But for now, until we can afford it, we’ll stick to our Haribo.

Dior Prestige La Cure will go on sale on 12th December exclusively at Harrods.