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Did Rihanna Lash Out And Hit A Fan?

Rihanna has found herself at the centre of controversy surrounding an incident with a microphone and an audience member’s face at one of her UK gigs.

The singer was midway though party banger We Found Love when the scuffle took place. At the gig in Birmingham, a fan recorded a video of Rihanna approaching the crowd and walking along the front row touching fans’ hands, as part of her performance. The video then shows Rihanna tug her arm away from what looks like an over-eager audience member, and she appears to thwack someone with her microphone before carrying on walking and singing.

An audience member who saw the incident tweeted: “[Rihanna] just hit someone with her mic on accident haha oops.” Watching the video (see it below), it’s pretty difficult to tell what happened and whether it was an accident or not.

This comes just weeks after Beyoncé reportedly asked a fan to leave her Copenhagen gig for slapping her bottom. Could it be that these female singers are keen to assert themselves and their personal space at their concerts?

By Lucy Hancock

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