Did Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Cheat On Lucy Eight Times?

Made in Chelsea may be over for another series, but the drama just keeps on coming. Now, Lucy Watson has revealed she suspects ex-boyfriend Spencer Matthews may have strayed not just the once in Greece, like he admitted on the End of Season Party show, but a whopping eight times. Seriously Spencer, that manhood needs locking up.

In an interview with Now magazine, 22-year-old Lucy said: “I’m still finding out things to this day. People are coming out of the woodwork and I’m being given different pieces of information. To put it into perspective for you, in the time that we were dating we spent virtually every day together. We only had eight nights apart. I believe he cheated on me every day we were apart.’

The sharp-tongued reality star also revealed that since spectacularly dumping Spenny on Monday night’s show, she’s found out that her frisky ex began being unfaithful just days into their two-month-long relationship. “He’s now admitted to me that he actually cheated on me in Barcelona, where he’d invited me to ask me to be his girlfriend”, Lucy continued. “We’d only been together for three days.”

“When we went to fly home, Spencer lost his passport, so I had to go by myself”, she added. “He stayed on in Barcelona for two nights. In that time he went out alone and got drunk, then slept with someone. I am convinced he has some form of problem – I just don’t know what it is.”

A mammoth inability to keep it in his pants seems to sum it up pretty nicely. You are so much better off without him, Watson.

By Robyn Munson

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