Diane Kruger Takes A Holiday Following Split From Joshua Jackson

The actress has been posting photos from her vacation...

Diane Kruger has taken some ‘me’ time following the sad news of her split from Joshua Jackson.

Captioned simply ‘dawn’, the 40-year-old has shared the latest picture from her getaway, having kept fans involved in her travels with a number of postcard-worthy snaps.


A photo posted by Diane Kruger (@dianekruger) on

The blonde beauty posed whilst watching the sun coming up in front of a beautiful landscape. Swoon.

We’re not too sure where she is, but it seems that she’s enjoying some time away following the recent news surrounding her personal life.

The trip comes a week after her break-up with Joshua, , who she was with for 10 years, which caused a lot of upset amongst fans.

Their reps issued a statement to PEOPLE, explaining that the two actors ‘decided to separate and remain friends.’

But some fans seem a little worried about the star following her latest Instagram upload…

Dawn. @lison

A photo posted by Diane Kruger (@dianekruger) on

A few comments include: ‘Way to skinny’, ‘Are you sick?’ and ‘Im sure not a hater, im worrying about her body. Sorry but this doesnt look healthy!!!’ [sic].

Now, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: body-shaming is never okay.

Some were quick to rush to the star’s defence, though, with users hitting back: ‘Let the haters hate. I’ve always thought you looked happy and healthy!’ and ‘She’s always been super thin… She just hides it well because she still has great curves.. Deal with it y’all’.

It’s probably a difficult time – as we all know, break-ups are never easy – so these comments are probably the last thing she needs.

We’re sending Diane all our love.