Destiny’s Child: Tell Us YOUR Favourite Track Of All Time

Destiny’s Child have released their comeback album ‘Love Songs’ in the US today, meaning we’re taking a trip down memory lane in our Timberland boots and combat trousers to remember our favourite DC tracks.  

Formed in 1990 (man, we’re old), Destiny’s Child pretty much ruled the soundtrack to our Saturday nights, our break-ups (and our secret little bedroom dances in front of the mirror when we pretended to be pop stars). 

We’re sharing our favourite Destiny’s Child tracks and what they mean to us. But now we want to know YOURS. Tweet us with the hash tag #mydestinyschildsong and join in the chat. We guarantee you’ll be reaching for your old albums and sporting a gold scrunchie before the day is out. See the LOOK team’s picks below… RM

Sarah Ridge, freelance fashion news assistant: “Mine’s Independent Women because I remember getting up on my sofa at my friend’s house and dancing crazily to it. I was 13 and believed every lyric.” 

Martin Carrigan, deputy picture editor: “It has to be Bootylicious for that amazing bass line, which whenever you hear it, instantly makes you shake your booty!” 

Laura Crisp, acting chief sub editor: “After much thought, mine is Independent Women. Just because I still haven’t tired of saying ‘Question’ in a Destiny’s Child style, even though it was released a million (13) years ago. Also, the whole sentiment of it sums up why Queen Bey will always reign supreme.” 

Anna Conrad, IPC Media editorial graduate: “Say My Name for the Rubik’s cube-coloured video, Beyonce‘s corn rows and the synchronised dance moves. It sums up everything that’s good about the 90’s.”

Susie Verrill, social media assistant: “Lose My Breath, because it reminds me of being in the sixth form and thinking combat trousers with a cropped fur jacket and heels was acceptable school attire (because Beyonce wears it in the video). Also LOVED the dance-off they have with themselves.”

Hannah Gale, online assistant: “Emotion. I love it every time I listen to it and it just never EVER seems to get old. I can imagine I’ve probably been drunk and thought I sounded like Beyonce whilst singing it at one time or another…”

Victoria Adegboyega, senior picture researcher: “I love so many of them – but I think one of my faves has to be Bills Bills Bills – that is my tune! I remember listening to it and thinking ‘I WANT TO BE BEYONCE’. It made me feel strong and confident. I remember thinking ‘These are women I want to look like, real women’.”

Lucy Vine, deputy news editor: “Oh so much Survivor.  I must’ve been about 16 when that came out, and I was totally ‘in love’ with a boy who liked my friend Kate. I used to pretend to be Beyonce in my room (although obvs, I was really on the desert island in the camouflage outfit), shouting, ‘I’M A SURVIVOR’ into the mirror.  I might do that when I get home later actually.”

Lara Lain, marketing executive: “Bootylicious! I remember being fascinated with the video when I was younger. Beyonce looks unreal with the pink-tipped hair (she invented dip-dye) and sends out a good message to women of all shapes and sizes by using ‘real’ people in the video. Me and my pals used to sing it on our breaks at school: ‘Lara can you handle, Sarah can you handle this…'”

Carly Giles, designer: “Bootylicious. My friend was dancing in a club and as Beyonce sang the words ‘make your booty touch the ground’, he fell on the floor on his bum. You had to be there.”

Sarah Kershaw, senior sub editor: “I can’t choose! Anything from The Writing’s On The Wall, but probably especially Say My Name. They’re just too cool. There is no other reason or explanation needed!”

Sophie Davis, production editor: “Get On The Bus. It’s just very cool. And I like Timbaland’s rap on it.”

Stuart Jones, art director: “Bug A Boo because it reminds me of dancing around my friends’ flat in East Finchley. And I like that it mentions AOL.”

Rebecca Martin, online news writer: “Say My Name. Despite Cheryl Cole using the same lyrics in her Call My Name track, I can’t help but say those three little words to the tune – and in the style of – Destiny’s Child. Say My Name, Say My Name… (Oh, and ALWAYS twice).”