Dermot O’Leary Made A *Pretty* Big Mistake During This Weekend’s X Factor

The X Factor presenter made a blunder live on air, whilst chatting to Xtra Factor's Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson...

It was the moment we’ve all been waiting for – yup, this weekend we got to find out which X Factor judge is mentoring which category.

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In the big reveal, we discovered that Louis Walsh will be looking after the groups – something he shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with. Oh, sorry, didn’t you know that he was responsible for Boyzone and West Life?!


Nicole Scherzinger will be whipping the boys into shape, and Sharon Osbourne has been given the overs.

So that leaves Simon Cowell with the girls’ category – something that has, believe it or not, NEVER happened before. Ooh.


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But if you happened to tune in to The Xtra Factor on Saturday night, you might have known about the fate of some of the contestants ahead of time.

During a telephone chat with presenters Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson, Dermot O’Leary let a few things slip. Awks.

He explained: ‘I’m currently in that there Los Angeles filming judges houses.

‘We’ve done Sharon’s house and the overs, and then today I’m on the way to Simon’s place and we’re gonna do the reveal of which three girls make it through.’


Errr. We’re not sure you were supposed to tell us that, Dermot.

Rylan and Matt made the same assumption, as Ry’ pointed out: ‘Couple of unofficial spoilers there!’

Dermot continued: ‘That’s the weirdest thing, your life is peppered with unofficial spoilers the minute the show is aired. You’re living in your own reality.

‘I said to the newsagent, “Oh, so-and-so’s brilliant, they get through to…”, and then I stopped myself. Just a paper and a milk please.’

And viewers were very quick to notice…


Oh, Dermot.

We love you.