Denise Van Outen: I’ve Been Properly Vajazzled For Strictly!

Denise Van Outen is fully prepped for Strictly Come Dancing when it comes to sequins – but as far as her dance moves are concerned, she hasn’t practised at all. 

In an interview with LOOK, she told us that she’s not holding back when it comes to the skimpy outfits, saying: “I wouldn’t wear them out. But you’ve got to for the show. I’ve been properly vajazzled. It’s all coming out and I’ll put it away after Christmas.”

But when we asked her about training, she was totally honest with us – and admitted she’s been having a lazy summer! She said: “I’ve just been on holiday eating and drinking, and lazing about on the beach. Rehearsals will come as a bit of a shock. My feet are covered in blisters already and I’ve lost a toenail.” Eww!

So how would she feel if her hubby Lee Mead took part in a raunchy Rumba? “I’d be quite happy watching him get it on with someone else,” she said. “It’d turn me on!” Ooh-er.

Read the full interview with Denise, and with her fellow contestant Louis Smith in tomorrow’s issue of LOOK. RM