What Went Down Between Demi Lovato And Nicki Minaj?

There appears to be some serious drama brewing on Instagram between Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj. And it all stems from the Met Gala.

So let’s buckle our seat belts, and try and make sense of it all.



Demi Lovato posted this picture to her Instagram page, along with the caption: ‘This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last met #cool #sof******awkward #notforme #sweatpants #forensicfiles #whatsgood’. 

Now, if you’re in the know with the world of showbiz, you might have noticed that Demi referenced Nicki’s infamous ‘what’s good?’ moment from the VMAs, around the time of her reported beef with Miley Cyrus.



This sparked some speculation in the comments box, so Demi added: ‘p.s. some of y’all need to learn how to take a joke.. I’m obviously laughing at the fact that 1. I look incredibly awkward and 2. That the shade being thrown in this picture actually gives me life’.

So she was only joking? Move it along, nothing to see here?

Oh no, it’s far from over.



Shortly afterwards, Nicki shared another Met Gala snap on her own Instagram, shouting out to designer Jeremy Scott and Moschino. But she failed to tag Demi.

The plot thickens.

Instagram users seemed divided: some accused Nicki of ‘throwing shade’ at Demi, whilst others pointed out that she may have just wanted to credit the designers of her rather fierce Met look.

But then some eagle-eyed fans noticed Demi enter the comment box, posting a series of emojis…




And it still didn’t end there. Demi took to Snapchat to reference the fact that she hadn’t been tagged, writing, ‘When you aren’t mentioned in a post but didn’t do s*** to the person…’





It all seemed to fall silent after that, until Demi Lovato launched into a Twitter rant.

Seemingly addressing some internet trolls, which may or may not have been linked to the Minaj dramz, she kicked off, ‘Sometimes there’s more to the story.

‘Sometimes there’s more s*** going on than you see. Maybe you DON’T know every aspect of my life so maybe you shouldn’t assume you know.’

She followed up, ‘Imagine the love of ur life/biggest crush finding out u spend time on the internet commenting negative shit about celebrities.. Embarrassed?’

‘Imagine your grandparents finding out you spend your free time being an internet troll to celebrities you don’t even know’ [sic].

Whatever’s been going down between Demi and Nicki, trolling is NEVER okay.

We have a lot of love for both of these strong and sassy women. So we hope all of this ‘shade’ is just one big misunderstanding.