This Deleted Harry Potter Character Changes Everything

We’ve got some spellbinding news for you. Apparently, the first installment of the Harry Potter movie series, The Philopher’s Stone, almost included an extra character.

Are your heads spinning yet?

In an interview with i09, screenwriter Steve Kloves was quizzed on whether he had ever invented his very own character to add to the elaborate world of witchcraft and wizardry. He revealed: ‘Yes, I did. I did. Alastair.’

So, who was Alastair? It turns out that he played a pretty heavy role in Harry’s early years: ‘It was a spider in the closet, in the cupboard in the beginning, who he [Harry Potter] had befriended and talked to.’

Steve went on: ‘My vision of the first movie was quite different in terms of how you first perceived him [Harry]. There was a spider in there and all these broken soldiers that he had filched from the rubbish bin of Dudley’s [bedroom]. And he had this broken army and he would talk to Alastair.’

Did anyone else’s hearts just break a little bit?

Obviously every Harry Potter fan knows that it all worked out for the best in the end (it’s impossible for that to be a spoiler now, right?) but it still gives us waves of sadness to remember little orphaned Harry before he was welcomed into the arms of the wizarding community.

Still. At least he had a little furry friend to keep him company at the very beginning. Hagrid would have been very proud.  

Screenwriter Steve then took things to a whole new level, explaining that little eight-legged Alastair would have had a profound effect on our view of Harry. He revealed that when you first saw Harry being rescued from Privet Drive and learning all about his own history ‘you wondered if maybe Harry was mad, and was imagining being rescued.

‘Then you found out it was real. That was my original vision of the movie.’

Can you even imagine? 

By Laura Jane Turner