Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead Reveals New Relationship Woes

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead has opened up about one of her past relationships, revealing the real reason her ex labelled her a ‘Big Whale’.

Er, he sounds rubbish already.

Being the lovely lady that she is, Binky didn’t take the nickname to heart but now wishes her man had been a little more honest.

‘With my ex, I put on a lot of weight because we were going out too much and eating too many takeaways,’ Lucy Watson’s BFF told Now.

Adding: ‘I actually saw him recently and he was like: ‘You look amazing, you’ve lost loads of weight!’ I said: You should’ve told me how fat I was!’’

‘He was like: ‘I did, by calling you the Big Whale!’, the reality star revealed. ‘I always thought he was joking! Whenever I break up with someone I lose weight because I want them to thinking, damn she looks good – I miss her!’

It sounds like Binky is well rid of her ex, especially now she has super hottie Alex Mytton to keep her warm at night.

Can you believe Binky’s ex called her THAT?

By Jessica Bridgeman

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