Made In Chelsea: 5 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Episode

Made In Chelsea has fast become the best part of our Monday nights (and the only way to recover from a heavy weekend). The trials and tribulations of being oh-so-very posh have been keeping us highly amused, so let us share with you what we discovered on last night’s emotional journey into SW3…

  1. Think before you tattoo. You know when you do something and you think: “This is awesome, everyone’s going to love this,” and then you show your friends and they can’t contain their giggles? For us, these moments usually come in the form of a dodgy fringe or bad fake tan, but unfortunately for Jamie his was little more permanent. The cheeky little chap has been having Tara troubles, so he skipped off to get himself a tattoo of… um… Peter Pan, the boy who’ll never grow up.
  2. It’s tough picking sides in a break-up. We sort of already knew this one, but Louise is having a hard time with her pals and getting through to new crush Andy because wiley ex Spencer has been ‘buttering them up’, appaz. But she’s getting her own back, working her magic with Mr Jordan. Don’t worry Lou, we’ve got your back.
  3. Ollie Locke has lost his mojo. If the rumour mill is churning with gossip about your sexuality, it’s probably not the best idea to say you’ve lost your libido, but Ollie’s not fussed. Least of all about Ashley. 
  4. Spencer is genuinely unstoppable. Just when you thought he couldn’t annoy anyone else, Spencer clearly decided go for gold in the villain stakes, laying his smoothest moves on fellow villain Lucy Watson. He got extra cheesy with her over dinner and offered to take her to Paris. We’re not the biggest fans of his antics, but Paris does sound nice…
  5. Snog, Marry, Kill can get awks. If you’re going to play offensive party games about your friends you must pick a safe zone, ie. not your equivalent of Central Perk. As Lucy and Binky bitch about Jamie, Spencer and Andy, Spencer and Josh turn up. Lucy somehow managed to turn it around by telling Spencer she’s always hated him and fancied him.

That’s just how they roll in Chelsea.

By Lucy Hancock, 7 May 2013

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