Davina McCall Responds To Suggestions She’s ‘Against’ Holly Willoughby

The TV presenter has stepped into Holly's This Morning shoes this week, and not everyone is happy about it...

Despite Davina McCall being one of the UK’s most-loved presenters, she’s received quite a bit of stick for her stint on This Morning.

And if you ask us, it’s all quite unfair.

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Davina McCall

Davina McCall has joined Phillip Schofield on This Morning this week

The 49-year-old has joined Phillip Schofield on the sofa this week, while Holly Willoughby enjoys a family holiday in the Caribbean.

Davina revealed the news on Twitter yesterday morning, and unfortunately for the 49-year-old, it wasn’t the easiest first day.

She told fans at 7am: ‘Covering for my @hollywills for three days with @Schofe (brace yourself! 😉) trains up the swanny…. not a good start to my first day!!!

‘I live in the country x on my way now .. managed to get a train in x not where I wanted 2.’

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But that was nothing compared to the harsh Tweets targeted at her later in the day.

Some This Morning viewers were clearly disgruntled about Holly’s absence, with one writing: ‘Tried to watch #thismorning but 5 minutes of Davina had me reaching for the remote.’

Others said: ‘Davina… grow up….that stupid grin…. off button I’m afraid.. #ThisMorning,’ and: ‘WHY IS DAVINA MCCALL PRESENTING THIS MORNING !!!!!! [sic].’

holly willoughby

Holly Willoughby is enjoying an extended Christmas break

A little mean, no? Luckily for the mum-of-three, plenty of others were quick to praise her.

Kinder messages read: ‘I may be in the minority with this opinion but I bloody love Davina on #thismorning,’ and: ‘Davina getting all this flack. She’s so normal and down to earth.’

One even noted: ‘Judging by the tweets, Davina is like Marmite ! #thismorning.’

Now Davina herself has spoken out about the controversy.

When she was sent a Tweet reading: ‘Typical British public pitting big friends @hollywills and @ThisisDavina against each other both amazing presenters lol @thismorning xx,’ she replied: ‘Not against each other. Ever. ❤.’

We’re glad to hear it, lady.