Davina McCall’s Life At The Extreme Gets Very Emotional

It’s safe to say that viewers of Life At The Extreme felt pretty sorry for Davina McCall last night.

In case you haven’t been tuning in, the ITV show documents Davina travelling to some of the world’s most hostile environments to learn how animals survive there.

On yesterday’s episode, the 48-year-old was set to spend the night in the Costa Rican jungle, one of the wettest and most humid places on the planet.

> Davina McCall was clearly struggling in the extremely wet conditions


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She’d set up camp high in the treetops. But unfortunately, a severe thunderstorm with lightning striking directly overhead forced her to climb back down.

Davina ended up in tears during the terrifying moment, later admitting: ‘I feel like a bit of a failure because I’ve made everybody come down.

> Davina McCall put herself through some tough challenges on the show


‘But I just couldn’t handle sleeping while my sleeping bag’s soaking, all my clothes are soaking – I just miss my house.

‘I’m just relieved to be on solid, rather wet ground. This is crazy rain. I did have a bit of a moment up there.’

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> Viewers fell in love with the super-cute spider monkeys


The habitat Davina was exploring is home to around 500,000 species, with the presenter being among animals including sloths, common basilisks and poison dart frogs.

However, the creatures that viewers seemed to fall hardest for were the spider monkeys that she was seen playing with.

> One word: ADORABLE


Enamoured Tweets included: ‘The monkey cuddling Davina actually made me cry it was so cute,’ and: ‘Literally just cried at TV cause a monkey hugged Davina. I need to sort my life out.’

Nah. We’re with you, people! So adorable…