Davina McCall Has An Awkward Moment With Gavin Rossdale On This Morning

...and it all revolves around his band Bush

Davina McCall ended up pretty red-faced during an interview with Gavin Rossdale on This Morning yesterday.

The 49-year-old thought she’d asked an innocent question about Gavin’s band Bush, but didn’t quite receive the answer she expected.

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Davina McCall and Phillip Schofield with Gavin Rossdale

Davina McCall and Phillip Schofield chatted to Gavin Rossdale about the new series of The Voice yesterday

Davina – who’s been filling in for Holly Willoughby while she’s on holiday this week – said: ‘Am I right in thinking your band was named after Shepherd’s Bush?’

Gavin responded: ‘No, it’s a much more interesting story than that, but not for this time of day!’

Oo-er. After this revelation, Davina admitted that she’d ‘gone red,’ before co-host Phillip Schofield blurted out: ‘Why did you ask that?!’

A cringing Davina responded: ‘I just thought it was about Shepherd’s Bush!’

The Voice coaches

Gavin Rossdale has joined The Voice for its new series

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Luckily, the conversation soon turned to something a little more innocent.

We’ll see Gavin make his debut as a coach on The Voice this weekend, working alongside Jennifer Hudson, Tom Jones and Will.i.am.

Talking about his new role, Gwen Stefani’s ex said: ‘I’m having so much fun with the other three coaches!

Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall

Davina McCall has been covering Holly Willoughby’s holiday this week

‘It’s either make or break, you either get along with people or you don’t, but they are just fantastic.’

And on his coaching style, Gavin explained: ‘For me, I thought it was best to be myself, and to try and nurture these people.

‘Some of these contestants don’t realise how great they are, so the best part of it is to help them realise how confident they should be and bring them out of their shell.’

Ooh. We can’t wait to meet this year’s batch of hopefuls.