Davina McCall Responds To Criticism Over Her Abs Selfie

We all know that Davina McCall is one of the fittest women in the biz.

And the 48-year-old – who’s currently sunning herself on an exotic holiday – proved just that when she posted an Instagram snap of her AH-mazing abs yesterday.

The photo had been taken at the gym, and showed her lifting up her brightly-coloured tee to unveil the results of her hard work.

> It was this photo that caused a stir on Instagram


She’d actually been training to her own fitness DVD, and had written the caption: ‘The attractive “hold t shirt in mouth” post workout selfie! #hiit and #abs #5weekfit.’

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As expected, the majority of Davina’s fans were seriously impressed.

> Davina McCall was training to her own exercise DVD. Lolz


Comments included: ‘Absolutely amazing as per usual @davinalpmccall, hope you have a great day and a great time away x,’ and: ‘This gets me outta bed in the morning … I want mine like this [sic].’

But one follower had a rather different opinion, telling Davina: ‘Love love the fact your very healthy & fit but please think about the effect you have on young teenage girls posting pictures like this.’

> Davina McCall has become known for being a bit of a fitness wonderwoman


Well, it’s safe to say that Davina was not going to let this go down without a response.


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She replied: ‘yup.. I eat healthy . I’m 10 stone. I train. I don’t train every day . I work and I’m a mum … But I do at least three times a week .

> Davina McCall is looking INCREDIBLE on holiday


‘I advocate this plan for everyone!!! ( the weight thing should be correct for your height) don’t u think? xxxx.’

It’s clear that Davina isn’t afraid to show her body the way that it actually is. Just this week, she uploaded a shot of herself relaxing on the beach.

> Davina McCall shared this photo earlier this week


There appeared to be a few stretch marks across her stomach, which we reckon sends a pretty empowering message, particularly to those who’ve had children.

What a hot mama.