David & Victoria Beckham Moving To New York City?

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly thinking about moving from their home in Los Angeles to New York, so that Victoria can focus on her fashion line.

They currently live on the west coast of the US as David plays football for LA Galaxy – that’s the reason that moving back to London is reportedly out of the question.

An unnamed source apparently told Grazia that David could still play for Galaxy if they move to New York City:

“Everything is up for discussion at the moment. David may well choose to stay at his team LA Galaxy, or he may leave and retire from football. There are big conversations to be had.

Victoria is keen to move to New York to set up her business there and open her first store. She looked at a school while she was there. There are also business opportunities for David, too.”

While we’d LOVE to see them back in the UK, New York is much closer than LA.

Come back, Beckhams! BS