David Beckham’s Sexy Boys’ Locker Room Shocker

David Beckham, we are shocked. The former England captain has been revealing his naughty side by letting slip some saucy secrets from his Manchester United locker room days. And it’s pretty filthy.

It’s rare we get to hear the high-profile dad-of-four open up about anything remotely scandalous now that he’s a responsible father, sensible businessman and overall mature man of the world. But things weren’t always whiter-than-white for Victoria Beckhams hot ex-footballer hubby…

In a sexy new interview with the Metro, 38-year-old Becks revealed what really went down in those dirty sporting initiation ceremonies our boy mates are always banging on about.

Confessing he was made to perform an ’embarrassing sex act’ while staring at the face of ’80s Welsh footballer Clayton Blackmore (let’s just pretend we know who that is), the squirming star recalled his saucy moment with the boys.

‘Everyone had an initiation that you had to go through on the youth team, that was one of the most uncomfortable ones!’ Becks explained. ‘One of mine was surprising. The Clayton Blackmore!’

‘The fact that I had to look at Clayton Blackmore’s calendar and do certain things, while looking at Clayton Blackmore…’ he tailed off. ‘Certain things’? We dread to think.

‘It’s something that we all had to go through. It was definitely something I wouldn’t like to go through again,’ he added.

Our minds are heading to ALL SORTS of smutty places after that X-rated revelation. We always knew the boys’ locker room was the place to be.

By Robyn Munson

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