David Beckham: “Victoria & I Love Watching Modern Famly!”

David Beckham has been spilling about life at home with the Beckhams, admitting that when it comes to what’s on the box, daddy Becks is always in charge of the remote… 

Since hanging up his football boots and retiring from his sporting career back in May, the 38-year-old dad-of-four has been enjoying spending as much time as possible with his good-looking brood – sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper.

But despite winning over every red-blooded female in the land with his adorable doting dad gestures in public, Becks assures us that when he’s at home, his kids know who’s boss. Well, sort of… 

“I’m in control of the remote, unless one of the boys is in the room, then that’s a different story”, he told Heat magazine. “But they know daddy is in control of the remote!” You’re not convincing us DB. We reckon those boys have you firmly under the thumb.

David also revealed what he and wife Victoria Beckham like to watch when snuggled up on the sofa with a cuppa (or herbal brew, in VB’s case). “The kids watch a lot of the children’s shows, but me and Victoria are watching Modern Family or the US Office, he said.

After Victoria’s recent smiling spree, which has left us pining to be fun VB’s new BFF, we can totally imagine the former Spice Girl and Becks belly laughing to Brent. If only we could be lucky enough to secure some sofa time with Goldenballs… *sigh*.

Becks, who is about to open his new London restaurant Union Street Cafe with chef pal Gordon Ramsey,  finished by chatting about his favourite pastimes. “[I like] the simple things like going round to my grandma’s, going round to my mum and dad’s house [and] seeing my sisters.”

Everytime this man talks, we fall a little bit deeper in love.

By Robyn Munson

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