David Beckham: The Tunes He Gets His Kit Off To

David Beckham getting his kit off in the Paris St Germain dressing room? We think about this quite a lot. And thanks to his teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, we now know what he dances around to when he’s in his pants. No, it’s not the Spice Girls – it’s Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers. Yup, we were slightly surprised at this, too.

Zlatan, a Swedish striker for Becks’ new team, said: “We were looking through his playlist in the dressing room – there was lots of Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez. We were expecting some cool English rock bands and hip-hop. It is nice to know that even David Beckham doesn’t have good taste on everything.” Hang on Zlatan, we happen to like a bit of Bieber – maybe even a little more now we know David is a fan. We’re guessing it might have something to do with what his sons, Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10 and Cruz, 8, love to dance to but, hey, the thought of Becks bopping around to Baby is enough to entertain us for now.

By Lydia Southern, 3 May 2013

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