David Beckham Takes China By Storm

David Beckham is a man of the world and in every country he has visited, he has managed to look irresistable. China is no exception.

The ex-footballer has not stopped smiling since he touched down in Shanghai on Monday to carry out his duties as football ambassador to the country. The dapper chap has so far put on a flawless sartorial display in front of hordes of Chinese kids on his tour of the country. David is China’s first global football ambassador and has spent the past few days jetting around the country inspiring Chinese youngsters to play the sport. And judging by the looks on their faces, they’re loving it.

David might be missing his brood but Victoria is expected to fly out this weekend to attend a big charity event in the nation’s capital, so it’s no wonder Golden Balls can’t keep that grin off his face.

Looking at him, we can’t either.

By Lucy Hancock

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