David Beckham flashes his buff body for H&M!

David Beckham Strips Down To His Pants (Again) For H&M: WATCH

David Beckham‘s lucky he’s not shy when it comes to flashing his super-toned, tattooed bod to the world because H&M sure do enjoy asking him to strip down to his pants – not that we’re complaining, course.

The high street label have persuaded Becks to get down to his kecks yet again in a new ad for the Bodywear brand posing in a series of brooding stills shot in a dimly lit locker room, which has got us more than a little flustered. VB, you lucky lady.

He may not be jumping through back gardens and sprinting down roads giving us an extra-good look at his tight buns like last season’s ad, but the seriously trim and oiled up dad-of-four models enough tight clothing to keep us pretty darn happy.

Posing in tight tank tops, bulge-enhancing briefs and actual clothes (boo hiss) in this backstage video, Becks works the camera like a pro, and the best bit? You only have to wait a nail-biting 9 seconds to get a look at the smoking hot sportsman’s topless torso in all its glory.

So, have a watch of the video, print these pictures out and stick them on your bedroom wall and don’t forget to give H&M one massive THANK YOU for quenching our shirtless thirst.

By Claire Blackmore

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