David Beckham Shows Off His Tattooed Torso During Speech

David Beckham certainly knows how to get the attention of an audience. The footballer found a novel way to entertain students at university speech in China at the weekend, by lifting up his shirt to reveal a Chinese tattoo across his hip and torso.

The 37-year-old was chatting to the students at Peking University, when he was asked to show the inking. Without hesitating, he hoisted up his shirt and showed off his body art to the class. For those of you who aren’t fluent in Chinese and are too distracted by David’s hotness to translate it, it reads: “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.” Aah.

The star was then taught how to play a traditional musical instrument. How cute?! Please come and make a speech in the LOOK office, David. We promise not to ask you to remove any clothing (this is a lie). RM