David Beckham Sets His Sights On Hollywood?

David Beckham is going to have plenty of free time on his hands since hanging up his boots and retiring from football, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be disappearing just yet, as actor pal Tom Cruise is reportedly promising to make him a star of the silver screen!

In every woman’s dream scenario, we could now be witnessing Becks, his pecs and (hopefully) his pants in crystal clear HD quality, as the 38-year-old sets his sights on Hollywood. “Beckham has always wanted to be an action film star, and Cruise promised him a long time ago he can make those dreams come true,” a source told National Enquirer magazine. “David still loves soccer, but feels that now is a great time to transition into film while he’s still young enough to land top-notch roles.”

Oblivion actor Tom first became friends with Becks after his move to Los Angeles several years ago, while Victoria got busy befriended Cruise’s now-ex-wife Katie Holmes. David’s previously spoken out about his and Tom’s bromance, saying: “It’s not a big celebrity thing. It’s just something that happened. And it’s good to have friends like that. He’s a really good person. Tom is one of the hardest-working people I know. He never stops.”

There’s no denying Becks would look beautiful on the big screen… who can forget his cameo role in 2005 football flick Goal! playing his sexy self? We’re just hoping his next role, whatever it may be, involves plenty of topless scenes. Shallow? Us?

By Robyn Munson, 28th May 2013

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