David Beckham On Harper: She Lightens Up My Day

David Beckham has turned us LOOK ladies into broody wrecks this week – firstly with the adorable pictures of his cooing over daughter Harper during a sunny stroll in London – and secondly with these latest comments about how much he adores his children. 

Can we just have him all to ourselves please, VB? No? 

Talking about his brood to Man About Town, he described how “grounded” his three sons are and said he wouldn’t mind if Harper wanted to hit the football pitch. 

He said:  “Obviously, when we were living in America that was a big thing, girls playing football. The girls are very talented over there, and women’s football is big in England and Europe as well so… we’ll see.” 

He added: “I always wanted kids I could take to work, and for them to experience the things I experience. So, having three boys as a footballer was a dream. And now to have a little girl who just lightens up my day every time I see or I speak to her… My children are my life.” 


So how how he feel about 10-year-old Romeo’s Burberry ads? He added: “They’re very grounded, they do normal things – as normal as they can, obviously, given our situation. 

“Romeo might be on the billboards and be the Burberry model, but he’s also one of these little boys who loves going home and playing on PlayStation, or going over to the park and kicking a football around.”

OK, either we need to clone David Beckham or be adopted by VB. This lot are just too cute. 

By Rebecca Martin, 25th April 2013

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