David Beckham’s Movie Debut Has Caused Quite A Stir

The dad-of-four appears in the trailer for Guy Ritchie's new film King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

David Beckham can do everything, right? Football, parenting, modelling, designing underwear, acting… And nope, that last one isn’t a typo.

The 42-year-old has a small role in pal Guy Ritchie’s new film King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, as a disfigured heavy who mocks Charlie Hunnam’s title character.

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Excitingly, a new trailer featuring Becks was recently released. This shows Arthur preparing to attempt to pull the sword from the stone, as David threateningly says: ‘Where do ya think I want ya? Hands on the heel, stupid.’

He’s got a Cockney accent going on, as well as some very menacing looks. But while he’s clearly given the part his all, not everyone was being particularly kind about his work. Eeep.

Tweets included: ‘I think David Beckham’s cameo in King Arthur has kind of put me off watching it,’ and: ‘The only thing I took away from King Arthur is that David Beckham can’t act. And I think I already knew that.’

Others wrote: ‘The iconic moment when King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone will be in no way undermined by the presence of David Beckham,’ and: ‘David Beckham in King Arthur (a pivotal scene no less) shows why stunt casting is not only stupid but can ruin any scene they’re in.’

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Aw. A little unfair, no? He’s definitely done a better job than we could.

Charlie Hunnam in King Arthur

Charlie Hunnam plays the lead role in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

Whatever you think, there’s no denying that David’s in good company in his first movie role. As well as Charlie, he stars alongside the likes of Jude Law, Eric Bana and Poppy Delevingne.

And plenty are excited to see his debut. One Tweeted: ‘David Beckham is on the King Arthur movie!?? That just really seals it, I’m committed to that movie now,’ while another wrote: ‘Was there much wrong with David Beckham in the King Arthur clip? if it was anybody else would they get ridiculed? nope #CultOfSalt [sic].’

Looking forward to the release, David!