You’ll Never Guess How Much David Beckham Pockets Per Day

Spoiler: It's staggering...

Despite the fact that David Beckham retired from football four years ago, he’s still pocketing a seriously hefty sum each day.

The 42-year-old makes over £1million a month (Oh yes, you read that correctly) as he drew a £12.7million salary from his image rights company last year.

Yep, David Beckham has retired from football but still makes £35,000 a day. A DAY.

This means that Becks is still up there with the current top Premiere League earners, without even having to compete in the sport anymore. Pretty impressive, eh?

David Beckham

The former England football star’s business is described as ‘the exploitation of David Beckham’s name and image rights’, while he also has seriously lucrative deals with firms such as Haig Club whisky, H&M and Adidas, which makes him one of the world’s highest earning retired athletes.

Over the last five years, the Manchester United legend has taken total dividends of a whopping £45million, while his estimated personal fortune is – wait for it – £165million.

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Records also show that David, who is married to former ‘Posh’ Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, paid £1.43million in tax on his earnings.

However, his London-based Footwork Productions Ltd reported a £6.28million drop in turnover during 2016, from £14.3million to £8.02million, and according to Companies House records, the firm now has just £263,000 in assets compared to £7.21million in 2015.

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But the accounts do not include his shareholdings in other firms – which have boosted his impressive pay even further.

And previously this year, 43-year-old fashion designer Victoria actually filed a loss of £4.6million through her fashion line, despite borrowing £6.7million from her husband’s businesses.

Still… with Becks pretty much paying himself £35,000 per day, business isn’t all bad, is it?