David Beckham Defends His Decision To Let Son Cruz Release A Single

The father of four has hit back at criticism over allowing his 11-year-old son Cruz to release a Christmas song...

David Beckham has majorly defended son Cruz in yet another of his dreamy dad moves.

11-year-old Cruz released his debut single last week, with Every Day Was Christmas being played first on Capital FM. But not long after its first play, the Beckhams were being attacked for ‘pimping out’ their young son.

The main source of attack came from Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who tweeted that David and Victoria had chosen to ‘deliberately exploit their family for commercial gain.’

However, David’s not having any of it, and has hit back in a new interview.

Defending his son’s choice to release a charity Christmas single, David told Good Morning America: ‘The amazing thing about this, we only realised Cruz has a cute little voice about nine months ago.

‘For us, we always want in our children, we always hope they’re listening to us or pay attention to us as parents, so we do a lot of work for charity for obviously Unicef and my wife does for the UN.

‘And Cruz came to us and said “How about I do a Christmas song for charity ? And all the proceeds go to charity”.  There’s nothing more to this than that at the moment.

Making it very clear that Cruz is still attending school and concentrating on his studies, the former footballer added: ‘He’s 11-years-old, he’s still at school, he’s concentrating at school that’s the most important thing but he wanted to give back and he’s done this amazing little Christmas song that’s got a lot of attention.

‘We are very proud of it. He came to us with the idea. It’s kind of cool but he’s having fun.’

And there you have it. NO MORE hating on the Beckhams. Because it’s all for charideeeee, guys.