11 Things To Know Before Dating An Independent Woman

1. We don’t need you to pay for everything. 

So thanks, but no thanks.

Obviously it’s nice to be treated on the odd special occasion, but it’s all about the 50/50 split for everyday. 

These shoes I’m wearing? I bought them. 

2. Straight talking is the only way to go. 

We’ll be one hundred percent honest with you, and tell it like it is.

And we’ll expect the same courtesy. 

3. No games. 

If you’re trying to make us jealous or treat us mean to keep us keen (yawn), this will have the opposite effect on us. 

Be warned. 

4. We’ll stick to our word. 

So we’ll expect that from you, too. 

If you invite us on a date to your cousin’s birthday party next Friday, we’ll keep the date free for you. 

So don’t flake. Okay? Okay. 

5. Please don’t tell us we’re too much. 

It won’t be appreciated. 

We’ll probably have strong opinions to add to most conversations. Just go with it. 

6. Don’t expect us to rely on you. 

We might want to run the big decisions by you, but most of the time we’re happy sorting things out for ourselves. 

And as for that IKEA delivery? We carried up our own staircase. 

7. We’re not bossy. 

We just know what we want. 

Glad we cleared that up. 

8. Don’t expect us to see you every night. 

We do have other stuff to do, you know. 

9. You might not always be our number one priority. 

Sometimes, the girls just have to come first. 

But you’ll always be on our minds, promise. 

10. Don’t be afraid to be a little chivalrous from time to time. 

We can still appreciate having our doors opened for us. 

11. You won’t find anyone that’s more loyal. 

We’ll always have your back.