7 Things You’ll Know If You’ve Ever Dated A Rapper

Kim Kardashian has married one of the most famous rappers of the 21st Century, and Bey’ and Jay are one of the biggest power couples in showbiz.  

It seems that other celebrity ladies are also keen to follow the trend and bag themselves a rapper beau. 

Kim’s younger sister Kylie has finally gone public with her relationship with King Gold Chains, Tyga, and rumour says that Rita Ora has previously been linked to Wiz Khalifa.

Jennifer Lopez famously dated Sean Combs AKA P.Diddy, and A$AP Rocky reportedly confessed his affections for Rihanna in his song Jukebox Joints, which held the lyrics, ‘Cinderella’s under my umbrella for different weather/Ella, ella…’

But, what’s it really like to date a rapper? 

1. He’ll want girls for his music videos

You might need to get used to the idea that he’ll be performing alongside other ladies. 

Or, you might find yourself getting roped into a music video or two of your own. 

Remember that motorcyle video? 

Or Tyga’s home-video-style production? 

Kim and Kylie know. 

2. Normal daytime hours just don’t exist

It could be 2am, but If he’s suddenly inspired by something, he’ll be up all night writing. 

And it’s likely that he’ll still have those headphones firmly glued to his ears when you wake up, you know, at a normal time. 


3. Nothing is private 

If you have an argument, he’ll work it all out in his next tune.

Be prepared. 

4. He’ll be passionate

Being in touch with his emotions is all part of the artistic process. 

5. You’ll probably be the subject of a number of songs

This can be a pro and a con all rolled into one. It feels pretty empowering to know you’re someone’s muse. 

Let’s just hope he’s feeling romantic, eh?


6. They’ll draw inspiration from ALL of their life experiences 

Which means you might have to listen to the odd verse about their past relationship. 

But hey, we’ve all come from somewhere, right?


7. You might sometimes feel that you come second to his craft

Music will be his life.

He might miss the odd important event, but ambition can be attractive, right? 

By Laura Jane Turner