Dating Site Data Shows Age That Men Find Most Attractive

A new report has come our way and pretty much knocked us out of the mood to take part in the dating game. 

An extract of Christian Rudder’s book has been published on Jezebel, revealing the age that both men and women deem most attractive at different stages of their lives. And it’s pretty shocking.

The co-founder of dating website OkCupid collected a sea of data from his site, which he had built up from millions of preferences expressed in the act of finding a date. 

Christian’s book is called Dataclysm and is a New York Times best-seller, claiming to be ‘written by a true industry insider’ and ‘reveals and explains how people flirt, fight, love, and hate through Facebook, Google, OkCupid, and Twitter.’

Starting with the female side of the coin, the data collected shows that girls pretty much like to date men who are quite close to their age. Women in their very early 20s (aged 20 and 21) prefer men that are 23-years old. This continues to climb upwards as women get older, with 24-year-old girls preferring 25-year-old men and 27-year-olds favouring 28-year-old men, and so on. 



It also reveals that it is around the 30-year-old mark that, generally, we start to find younger men more attractive. Women at 50, seem to rate 46-year-olds the highest, which is the biggest age gap on the girl’s side that is shown through this data.

Now. This is where things get interesting. And a little (VERY) tragic. 

Christian’s data shows that men apparently prefer 20-year-old women almost exclusively, starting from the age of 20 and seeing them through all the way up until they are 50 years old.


A quote from Christian’s book states that, ‘After [a man] hits thirty, the latter half of [OKCupid’s] age range (that is, women over 35) might as well not exist.’

Double sigh. 

Still, we’re clinging on to the fact that these findings are based on the actions of dating site users – which, ultimately, don’t speak of a single’s desired goal.

After all, social media and the instant nature of dating sites probably give many people more of a chance to take things purely on face value. It’s much easier to think of your ideals when you’re just looking at a picture on a profile, right?

We won’t give up on true love, ladies… 

By Laura Jane Turner