What Happened Between Mark Wright And Danny Dyer At V Festival?

The pair allegedly had an altercation backstage...

Eep. We think it’s safe to say Mark Wright and Danny Dyer won’t be having a pint together anytime soon.

After that Twitter row between Danny, 39, and Mark’s younger brother Josh last week, things allegedly kicked off at V Festival on Saturday.

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Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer was celebrating a joint hen and stag do with fiancée Joanne Mas

According to Now, the pair ‘screamed’ at one another in a backstage alleyway after Justin Bieber’s headline set.

An eyewitness said: ‘Danny saw Mark and started shouting: “Mark Wright you c***! Mark Wright you t***.”

‘It was all kicking off. Mark was pushed against a wall and was shouting back at him, shouting: “Shut your f****** face.”

Mark Wright at V Festival

Mark Wright was at V Festival with friends

‘One of Mark’s friends managed to break things up after punches were thrown and they took Mark away into the Mahiki VIP area.’

Following their altercation, Danny reportedly spoke to on-site security staff, who organised a 4×4 car to come and collect him.

Mark spent his night ‘glued’ to his phone, appearing to be ‘making frantic phone calls as his friends talked about the fight with Danny’.

mark wright

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Danny’s yet to comment on the alleged altercation, but ex-TOWIE star Mark, 29, has Tweeted: ‘Seen some stories online today about v festival.

‘I would like to confirm that I personally wasn’t involved in any physical confrontation [sic].’

Danny had been at V with his fiancée Joanne Mas and their eldest daughter Dani, where he and his wife-to-be were celebrating their joint hen and stag do.

The incident occurred a week after Danny had Tweeted: ‘My worst nightmare would be listening to Heart FM while eating an Oykos yoghurt. It would be like p*****g razor blades.’

Seeing as Mark DJs on Heart FM and is the face of Oykos, it would be fair to assume that this message was aimed at him.


This led Mark’s brother Josh, 26, to respond: ‘Malcolm you must still be hurting from when Mark gave you a slap in the changing room that day.get over it you melt @MrDDyer,’ referring to an alleged confrontation at a charity football match earlier this year.

Oo-er. Mark’s wife Michelle Keegan – who’s currently filming her new show Tina And Bobby – has kept firmly out of the ruckus, keeping her Twitter page focused on work.

michelle keegan

Michelle Keegan is busy working on new show Tina And Bobby

Let’s hope these two manage to clear the air eventually, eh?