Danielle Peazer Gives Her Two Cents On Cheryl And Liam

It looks like Cheryl and Liam Payne are in it for the long haul.

The couple went public with their relationship back in February, and things seem to be going pretty well between them.

While Cheryl, 33, was the recipient of trolling from some Directioners when news of their romance first broke, they’ve also received plenty of support from friends and fans alike.

> Danielle Peazer split from Liam Payne in 2013


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One slightly unexpected person on Team Chiam is Liam’s ex Danielle Peazer. The 28-year-old dated Liam, 22, for three years until their split in 2013, so it must be pretty weird to see him hook up with such a famous lady, right?

But Danielle tells MailOnline: ‘Love is love. Happiness is happiness. You just want people to be happy. They both seem happy, obviously I don’t know her but I’m happy for them.

> Danielle Peazer dated Liam Payne during the height of his One Direction fame


‘I wasn’t shocked when it came out because they’re in the same industry. Maybe if he started going out with Theresa May, I’d be like: “Woah!” That would be a shock.

‘I’m five years older than him so I know that he maybe has a thing for age gaps. I mean look at her, I’d go out with her!’

Danielle met Liam as a dancer on One Direction’s series of The X Factor in 2010, when he was 16 and she was 22, although she’s now more well-known for her uber-successful blog and Instagram page.

> Danielle Peazer is now known for her hugely successful blog


She only has praise for her former flame, continuing: ‘We’re on good terms. He’s doing his life and I think he’s gonna do amazing with whatever he does now.

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‘He’s aware of things going on in my life now and he said he’s proud of me and it’s nice after nearly four years of not being together that we can support each other.



‘I know people will always be interested but if someone asks you about someone you were with four years ago it’s so far gone and you’re such a different person.

‘I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together for a year. He’s totally normal. Not that other boyfriends haven’t! It’s just something I’ve chosen to keep to myself.’

Aw. Dream ex, eh?!