Danielle Lloyd’s Instagram Sparks A Parenting Debate

Nothing ignites a debate quite like a parenting question. And Danielle Lloyd is the latest celebrity to come under fire for something involving her children.

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The mum-of-three shared an Instagram picture of her friend looking after her son, George, whilst she had to make a trip to the hospital.

She captioned the snap, ‘Think George has a crush on my friend. Starting young @kateterry_hair thanks for looking after them today babe while I was in the hospital.’


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But the comments box was soon filled with users who were slightly concerned about what was going on with George’s seatbelt.

One wrote, ‘Your son should be sat in a car seat/booster seat and the seatbelt under his arm is unsafe I’m sure your aware of this’ [sic].

Another joined in, ‘As soon as I saw this picture I though the same, car seat!!!!! All children have to be in a safe car seat. This is very shocking.’

But other users fired back in Danielle’s defence, with one reading, ‘No 1 is in the driving seat so shut the hell up…’

Kate herself even waded into the comments to defend herself, explaining, ‘We didn’t even drive in this car we were waiting for someone else (who had a seat) he was just messing around with the seat belts…’

So that’s that then, folks.

And we also really hope that Danielle is okay.