Danielle Lloyd Has Something To Say About Nicola McLean’s Comments On CBB

The pair famously fell out, but it's all got a little more complicated since Nicola entered Celebrity Big Brother with Danielle's ex, Jamie O'Hara...

Nicola McLean has been heavily criticised for the comments she made during her latest argument with Kim Woodburn on Celebrity Big Brother.

It’s no secret that the two housemates haven’t exactly been friends so far, but their latest altercation has sparked a huge debate, particularly because of Nicola’s words about Kim not becoming a mother.


Nicola McLean

The 74-year-old called Nicola out for swearing, reminding her that she’s a ‘mum’ and at the same time implying that she should know better.

The mum-of-two then hit back,  ‘And you’re not and that’s your problem.’

She then added, ‘If you want to go low, I’ll go lower.’


Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd – who’s been pretty vocal about this series of Celebrity Big Brother (well, her ex husband Jamie O’Hara hasn’t exactly kept her out of it) – took to social media to wade into viewers’ remarks.

The 33-year-old said, ‘What an evil nasty comment to make!! Some women can’t have children!!’

Danielle later added, ‘Kim had a still born baby at 23 & that comment has actually made me feel sick as a mum am disgusted & I’d never say that to another women’.

Her followers quickly highlighted the fact that Kim hasn’t opened up about the tragedy during her time in the house, so Nicola might not have known.

But Danielle responded: ‘It doesn’t matter how can a women say that to another women there is people out there who can’t have children! Vile…’

After being accused of getting angry as a result of her ‘dislike’ for the CBB housemate, who was once her friend, Danielle quickly defended her position.

She explained that she found the comment to be ‘disgusting’ and that she felt ‘upset’ on Kim’s behalf because it ‘probably brought back very upsetting memories for her’.

We’re sure that Nicola didn’t mean it to be as hurtful as it probably was, but we also agree that a woman’s worth is not related to whether they have children or not.

What did you make of the latest Celebrity Big Brother controversy?