Danielle Lloyd Posts Cryptic Instagram About ‘Liars’ Following CBB Drama

The 33-year-old has shared a series of quotes on Instagram, in the wake of her ex husband's antics on Celebrity Big Brother...

It’s safe to say that Nicola McLean and Jamie O’Hara are both dominating Celebrity Big Brother right now.

They sparked quite the reaction from CBB viewers during an episode that aired on Monday night, which saw the mum-of-two and her footballer pal indulging in some drunken flirtation.

Considering that Nicola is currently married to soccer player Tom Williams (who just so happens to be a close friend of Jamie’s) and she used to be BFFs with Jamie’s former wife, Danielle Lloyd, we can totally understand why their CBB moment has caused such a stir.

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Nicola McLean’s husband has just broken his silence, making his feelings about the Channel 5 show very clear on Twitter.

Nicola McLean husband

Danielle, who’s now happily loved-up with fiancé Michael O’Neill, chose to remain silent on the night that the episode aired, instead posting a photo of her bubble bath. The 33-year-old told her fans at the time: ‘And chill… 👌🏻 healthy mind body and soul’.

Jamie hasn’t exactly kept quiet about his past relationship with Danielle during his time on the show so far, leading many to comment on social media.

We can imagine that it’s got to be pretty tough to have your past relationship dredged up again, and Danielle has just shared an Instagram post which might sum up her views on the matter.

No words needed 😔

A photo posted by Official Danielle Lloyd (@missdlloyd) on

Although it’s not clear who (or what) the post is aimed at, she captioned her quote: ‘No words needed’.

The post reads: ‘The rules of a pathological liar:

‘Believe your own lies, look like you’re the victim, attack when they’re not around, never admit guilt, deny deny deny, blame shift, then cover up with more lies.’

danielle lloyd

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Her fans didn’t take long to relate the picture to the current situation, with comments of support including: ‘You go girl…..rise above it darlin…you really can see his full of s*** [sic]’, ‘His true colours have been well and truly shown..’ and ‘Don’t even rise to them don’t give them the satisfaction – they are just embarrassing themselves’.

Others seem to think that she might be referring to Maria Fowler’s comments, after she took to Twitter during a Celebrity Big Brother episode to tweet: ‘So she rinsed him then .. 😳’.

'Strong women pull each other up – and weak ones pull other women down'

A photo posted by Official Danielle Lloyd (@missdlloyd) on

Again, it’s not clear what she’s referencing, but Danielle also shared an image about female empowerment, along with the words: ‘Strong women pull each other up – and weak ones pull other women down’.

Powerful words, lady.