What’s Been Happening To Danielle Lloyd During CBB Really Isn’t Okay

Jamie O'Hara's ex has opened up about the nasty trolling she has been experiencing since the Channel 5 show began...

Danielle Lloyd has found herself in the headlines during this series of Celebrity Big Brother – and she’s not even taking part.

The 33-year-old has now revealed that she’s been suffering with anxiety ever since her former husband, Jamie O’Hara, entered the CBB house.

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The footballer, 30, hasn’t exactly shied away from discussing his former relationship with the model during his time on the show, leading many viewers to speculate over the nature of their relationship. Slightly unfair, considering we’re only hearing one side on the screen, no?

Opening up to The Sun, the star revealed that she’s had to stop watching the show because it was becoming too difficult for her.

She told the publication,  ‘I had to stop watching the programme because it was causing me so much anxiety.

‘But then the hate messages towards me from the public started appearing on my social media.’

Jamie O'Hara

Danielle continued, ‘At first I replied to some of the comments about me being a gold digger to let people know it wasn’t true. But then I stopped because they just kept coming and getting worse.

‘Some are really vile, calling me a s**g and all sorts of swear words.’

The mum-of-three also admitted that she’s been finding it difficult to continue with her everyday life, telling The Sun: ‘I’m suffering from panic attacks and now I only go out when I have to because I’m frightened someone will recognise me and have a go.

‘My chest feels really tight all the time because of the stress and anxiety and sometimes I can’t breathe.

‘Even the school run has become difficult because people are looking at me in the playground. I don’t deserve this kind of abuse. It isn’t fair.’

Danielle is now engaged to electrician Michael O’Neill, so it must be difficult to have people talking about her previous marriage.

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The former Miss Great Britain winner has been sharing cryptic posts on social media throughout the series. Over the weekend, she posted an Instagram quote which read: ‘People only bring up your past when they are intimidated by your present.’

She also hit back, ‘Why does someone who hasn’t been part of my life for almost 4 years think they can comment on my behaviour! U don’t know me! Stop talking about me! #mother #respect #lovemykids’.

Let’s hope that Danielle can be removed from this narrative, and that she feels better soon.