Danielle Lloyd’s Brother Has Just Got Involved In Celebrity Big Brother

The drama between Nicola McLean and Danielle Lloyd has just reached another level...

It’s no secret that there’s no love lost between Nicola McLean and her former best friend Danielle Lloyd.

The pair famously fell out some time ago, but everything seems to have been dredged up again following Nicola’s entry into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Although Danielle has largely kept quiet about her feelings towards the former model, it’s probably been a difficult time for the mum-of-three.

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Jamie Nicola CBB

Of course, her former husband Jamie O’Hara has also been taking part in the series, and matters were made a whole lot more awkward by the fact that a) he was accused of ‘flirting’ with Nicola, and b) he then moved on and seemed to start a ‘romance’ with Bianca Gascoigne.

Danielle has spoken out about her former relationship a few times, particularly using her platform to share her own side of the story.

But now, it seems as though Danielle’s brother has decided to wade into the conversation on social media.

Viewers have previously noticed that Nicola McLean has been suffering with her eye.

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nicola mclean

People were confused about Nicola McLean’s eye on CBB…

Sadly, some have been using her ailment as a reason to troll her on social media. Not cool, guys.

According to reports, Danielle’s brother Matty has also made a jibe about the situation. He tweeted a picture of a frog with one eye closed, taken from the movie Sing, along with the words: ‘This Nicola McLean is getting about about a bit isn’t she!! #sing’.


Nicola McLean

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This comes as it’s been revealed that Nicola was actually suffering with a health issue before she entered the house. Nicola was apparently diagnosed with light sensitivity before the series began, The Sun reports.

A source has alleged to the publication: ‘She can’t control her eye, it keeps going off in all different directions and wandering towards her nose – it causes her terrible migraines.’

Can’t we all just be nice to one another?