Danielle Armstrong Gives An Update About Her Row With Lydia Rose Bright

Following the dramz from The Only Way Is Essex, Danni has spoken out to explain more about what happened with Lydia...

Danielle Armstrong and Lydia Rose Bright are okay, guys.

Thank GOODNESS for that, eh?

The latest episode of the ITVBe series saw the two glamorous gals falling out over Lyd’s recent experience with her ex, James Argent.

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Lydia was upset by some comments made by her TOWIE pal. She took issue with the fact that Danielle had spoken publicly about her Marbella hook-up before she was ready to address it herself.

A lot of fans seemed to be pretty confused by exactly what had gone on between the girls, so Danielle Armstrong took to Snapchat to explain herself.

Danielle Armstrong TOWIE

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Once the episode had aired, she explained: ‘Me and Lydia are actually okay. I did feel bad. I thought most people knew about Lydia and Arg… I was guilty of bringing attention to something that I knew Lydia was quite sensitive about. She accepted my apology and me and Debbie, you’ll see us talk [next] episode.’

Danni clarified that it was her comments on Celebrity Juice that upset Lydia.

danielle armstrong

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If we look back, the TOWIE star confirmed that Lydia had made a ‘mistake’ whilst filming in the holiday spot, telling the audience at the time: ‘It’s really hard when you’re altogether on holiday, there’s drink involved, your exes are there…’

On last night’s episode, Lydia told her mum Debbie: ‘Obviously, everything happened between me and James, now I felt horrific about it.

‘While I know that everyone was going to talk about it, I just wanted to keep it between our little circle and Danielle made it so public before I even had a chance to explain myself. She spread the word to the world before I even had the chance to digest what had happened… She hung my laundry out to dry.’

Oh dear.


The pair do seem to patch things up on screen, with Danielle apologising to Lydia.

Well, with all of the other drama going on, we’re just glad to hear that Dan and Lydia are friends again.