Holly Willoughby And Danielle Armstrong Slam TOWIE’s Pete Wicks

The two feisty ladies had something to say about TOWIE star Pete Wicks after it was revealed he'd been sexting his ex behind Megan McKenna's back...

Ever since Pete Wicks was caught out sexting his ex whilst on holiday with girlfriend Megan McKenna, it seems the world and his dog has had an opinion on the shock TOWIE scandal.

And one of the first The Only Way Is Essex star’s to properly speak out about Pete and Megan is Danielle Armstrong, who made her feelings clear on last night’s Celebrity Juice.

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danielle armstrong

Danielle Armstrong opened up about Pete and Megan on Celebrity Juice…

The 28-year-old said what Pete did ‘wasn’t nice’ as she shared her thoughts on the matter to host Keith Lemon.

‘I know there were explicit words exchanged [of] a sexual nature’, Danielle told Keith. ‘…To his ex-girlfriend… it’s not nice. Why do guys do that?’

'The Only Way is Essex' filming, Marbella, Spain - 30 Sep 2016

Dani continued: ‘It takes two to tango and the guys at the end of the day should have more loyalty to girlfriends. There is a certain type of girl, that shouldn’t entertain it.’

The usually diplomatic Holly Willoughby then felt the need to jump in, adding that it can’t be Pete’s ex, Jacqui Ryland, who people blame – it should be Pete himself.

‘But also he should just be faithful to his girlfriend!’ she added.

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‘He should and I totally get that’, Dani replied.

At the time of Megan and Pete’s news breaking, Danielle took to Instagram to post a quote that read: ‘Men will always rule the world because women can’t stick together… slag girls entertaining boys with girlfriends makes me so angry.’

And as for how Megan’s coping? Well, she’s keeping her head held high and has been channelling some serious girl power vibes over the past week.

‘If ever you find yourself doubting you can make it through a challenge, simply think back to everything you overcome in the past ??’, she tweeted yesterday.

You go girl.