It’s Fair To Say That Daniel O’Reilly Has Not Shed His ‘Dapper Laughs’ Image

The Celebrity Big Brother housemate has been causing offence during his time in the house...

I have to say, when I found out that Daniel O’Reilly was heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house, I was not impressed.

Personal feelings about his comedy past aside, a man that ‘jokes’ about rape making it onto the line-up of a TV series that’s been pegged as a ‘celebration of womanhood’ is pretty outrageous.

What’s more, the current CBB series includes a number of nods to the suffragette movement – even the bedrooms have been named after leading figures that battled tirelessly for an extension on the right to vote. Pretty sure this is not what they were fighting for.

In his entrance VT, Daniel – who found fame as the internet comedian known as ‘Dapper Laughs’ – explained that he wanted to shed his controversial image and prove that he’s a changed man.

Now, I’m all for second chances if someone has truly learnt and grown. But, it seems, Daniel has actually done very little to prove this point to viewers.

During Thursday night’s episode, he sparked an angry response from fans of the show when he said something pretty derogatory to Ann Widdecombe.

The former Conservative MP was giving advice to Ashley James and singer Ginuwine, who have had something of a ‘romance’ during their time in the house.

Advising them to stop the PDA, Ann explained that she had decided not to get married and have children, instead putting her career first.

Weighing in, Daniel/Dapper crudely asked of the 70-year-old: ‘What, like she ain’t never sucked a d**k?’

‘You know what I mean? Someone blagged her into it at some point,’ he added.

Viewers soon took to Twitter to call him out for the disrespectful comment.

‘#cbb so Ann saves d**khead dapper and then the low life is making crude nasty jokes about her!?!? Doing well showing the “real” him,’ one wrote.

‘Didn’t think I could dislike Dapper anymore than I did … but I do. The Ann joke wasn’t funny at all. #CBBUK,’ another tweeted.

This isn’t the first time that Daniel/Dapper has upset the public with his comments about women in the CBB house.

The TV personality branded fellow housemates Jess Impiazzi and Ashley James ‘f***ing lesbians’ after they each said that they wouldn’t want to go on a date with him.

Yup. We’ve all been on the receiving end of that remark after denting a man’s fragile ego, right ladies?

One viewer took to Twitter to hit back:

‘Daniel has just proven the clear abuse that gets given to women when they say no… “You pair of lesbians”

‘1- don’t use people’s sexuality as an insult
‘2- please understand that you aren’t gods gift, you’re in fact far from it and women CAN SAY NO#CBB’.

Another added: ‘Daniel’s reaction to neither Ashley or Jess fancying him is just so predictable. It’s comments like that that prove Dapper Laughs was never the problem, it was always Daniel. He’s just a trash person through & through…’