Love Island’s Daisy Muller Has Switched Up Her Look Since The Show

The LI star looks quite different these days...

Love Island 2015 is back in our lives, thanks to Netflix, and we could not be happier.

There’s nothing we love to do more than take a look back at our favourite former islanders, and with a brand new series just around the corner we’re feeling all nostalgic.

Daisy Muller caused quite the stir when she entered the villa in series one. The then 24-year-old had never had a boyfriend, and had signed up to the ITV2 reality show to find love.

Entering late alongside Naomi Ball, she was given the power to come between one of the existing couples – and, naturally, this was never going to end well.

Zoe Basia Brown, who was in the process of getting to know Jordan Ring, pulled Daisy aside with a warning: ‘Be careful who you pick, because it will cause drama. If you pick Jordan for your couple before I’ve actually had a date with him we’re going to have a problem.’


The pair did end up coupling-up though, but Hulk ultimately ended up going back to Zoe – also voting to dump Daisy from the island. Ouch.

Three years have passed since this series aired. So, what is Daisy up to now?

When the orange turns to pink mayhem 🌺πŸ’₯

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Well, for one thing, she’s definitely not over experimenting with her hair. And we’re loving it.

The model, who previously featured in Zoo and Nuts, has ditched her aqua locks in favour of some funky new shades – including orange and pink.

She even went brunette for a little while.

Talk about hair inspo, eh?