Da Vinci’s Demons: The New TV Show You’re Going To Be Obsessed With

Planning a Friday night in? Then check this out. Da Vinci’s Demons kicks off at 10pm tonight on FOX and ticks all the boxes for a TV hit.  

The super-slick drama about Leonardo da Vinci’s early life is brilliant for many reasons, most notably the fashion. The whole wardrobe for the 15th century-set series is inspired by Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Ossie Clarke and is the baby of costumer Annie Symon, who received an Emmy for her work on Great Expectations. 

With a budget of £20m for the production, Demons is one of the glossiest Hollywood TV dramas to date and comes courtesy of the Starz team behind Spartacus (full of don’t-watch-with-your-nan debauchery and intricate twists). And us lot this side of the pond have reason to be proud. Not only was it filmed at an elaborate set in Swansea and Port Talbot built to resemble Renaissance Florence (excellente, Wales!) but the cast is notably British. 

The almost edible Tom Riley turns Leonardo into a sex symbol and stars alongside The Inbetweeners: The Movie star Laura Haddock and BBC1 Sherlock’s Lara Pulver. Oh, and in episode one there’s a blush-worthy cameo by Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville (what would the Crawley girls say?). 

These exclusive snaps from the eight-parter are a taster of what’s to come. Excited already? We are too! 

By Gemma Calvert, 19th April 2013

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