People Of The Internet Share Their *Cutest* Random Acts Of Kindness Stories

The world can seem like a dark place. Donald Trump wants to push civil liberties back 200 years, Brangelina’s split has forced us to realise that love is dead and internet pranks still exist. The outlook for the next 50 years is pretty bleak.

That’s why it’s really nice to hear stories of good folks doing good deeds for no other reason than because it’s a nice thing to do.

We’re not talking about those random acts of kindness you see on Youtube where young 20-somethings buy a pizza for a homeless person using ad-revenue money to generate more ad-revenue, we want to shine a light on the unsung heroes.


The people of Reddit banded together to share the kindest thing strangers have done for them.

The power of hand holding (Gwensaur)

“Last month I was flying home after finding out that my great grandmother had died. I had a layover in Atlanta and had a horrible panic attack. I was sitting in the terminal, trying not to cry and a woman walked over and asked if she could hold my hand.

She was probably in her early 30s, and it meant so much to me for her to notice my anxiety and reach out to me. She held my hand for about 15 minutes until I could breathe again. She completely changed the outcome of my day.”


You can’t cure grief but fries help (Casualseude)

“After my grandpa’s funeral I missed my connecting flight because my earlier flight was delayed two hours. I wandered through the airport looking for food and found a McDonald’s.

One of the workers told me they were closed and as I was walking away this girl working there gave me a large fry that she had been saving for herself. I’ll never forget that random act of kindness because it meant so much more than French fries in the end”


Goldfish need saving too (OhDuvv)

“Me and my brother won a goldfish each, but while walking through crowds i dropped the plastic bag, it burst, and my poor fish started flopping about on the ground. Then this random woman showed up and grabbed my brothers goldfish bag, undid the knot and scopped my fish up off the ground and dropped him in. I remember being so, so grateful.

She only extended his life by a week, but in that week he was fed at least once.”