15 Things You’ll Only Know If You Cry Too Easily

1. Watching X Factor is like emotional therapy. 

Us girls that cry too easily might not always be able to make it through an entire episode with a dry face. And that’s okay. 


2. We need you to know the difference between happy tears and sad tears. 

Because, sometimes, we’re okay. But our tear ducts can get confused with how to express all of the feels. 

3. Waterproof mascara is your BFF. 

That stuff was pretty much made entirely for you. 

See: Waterproof Mascara – LOOK’s Splash Test

4. Don’t, under any circumstances, watch the John Lewis advert without a box of tissues handy. 

We still haven’t quite got over that cute little penguin from last Christmas… 

5. You’re a pro at explaining those tears away. 

‘Oh, I’ve just got something in my eye’ or ‘I guess my hayfever is playing up again’ are the old faithfuls. 

6. …But, sometimes, you have to have a little cry in public. 

And that’s alright. It’s only water. 

7. Don’t bring out the old photo albums around us… 

…Unless you want us to erupt into a waterfall. Oh, memories. 

8. Just don’t ask us to say goodbye. 

That throat lump is just too real. 

9. We’ll also cry when you come back, FYI. 

We’re just so happy to see you (see point 2). 

10. Other people don’t really know what they’re in for when they request a sad movie on Netflix night. 

Titanic? The Notebook? The Lion King? 


11. The cinema can be a challenging time. 

So you’ll always try your best to avoid the first date chick flick. 

12. You’ll take it really personally when life events happen on your favourite TV shows.

Marissa, Summer, Seth and Ryan graduating? They’ve been through so much. Oh, we’re SO PROUD. 

Pass us the Kleenex. 

13. And there are some shows we just can’t watch. 

Animal Rescue or Holby City are on the blacklist. 

14. Don’t even get us started on proposals. 

Monica and Chandler? We can’t even deal.

Even strangers on the internet will have us in floods. 

15. When people are mean to your favourite celebrities, we’ll totally take it personally.

Just leave Britney alone. 

By Laura Jane Turner