David And Victoria Beckham Are Criticised For Letting Son Cruz Work Out

But a professional has given his opinion...

David and Victoria Beckham have come under fire for allowing their youngest son Cruz to exercise in the gym.

Cruz, 12, shared an Instagram video of himself on a rowing machine earlier this week, which he’d captioned: ‘Gym with @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham 😜.’

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Gym with @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham 😜

A post shared by Cruz Beckham (@cruzbeckham) on

He appeared to be taking his sesh pretty seriously, huffing and puffing as he sped through the workout.

This led followers to write comments such as: ‘Wtf he like 11 that must not b healthy,’ and: ‘Its actually bad to work out when your a kid your muscles get damaged [sic].’

Hmm. We all know that it’s important for children to exercise, hence the onus on P.E. lessons in schools.

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Brooklyn Beckham Love Life

Cruz was with his big brother Brooklyn Beckham

And now Chris Smith – of the Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy – has told MailOnline: ‘A lot of kids do want to emulate their parents, obviously David is quite keen on looking after himself so it’s only natural that Cruz would want to get on the rowing machine and do a lot of the activities that his dad is doing.

‘He’s certainly at no risk of harming himself if he’s going on the rowing machine providing it’s controlled, it’s supervised, its proportionate and he’s not doing more than he should be doing on it.

‘I’d rather be seeing children in gyms than not doing exercise at all.’

However, Chris has warned against certain workouts, continuing: ‘If children are very young of age and they are lifting weights that are superseding what they’re expected, they can potentially damage joints if they’re putting too much load through them.

David Beckham

David Beckham played football for many years

‘Children are growing, they have active growth plates in terms of at various points round their body so you’re at risk of potentially causing damage to those as well as the overuse type injuries that you might see as well.’

We’re sure David and Victoria are vigilant – the youngster did point out that his dad and older brother were in the gym with him.

And David’s a professional sportsman, so he’ll know all about the dangers. TBH, it’s just great to see that Cruz is into his exercise!