The Craziest Kardashian Rumours Of All Time

We can only imagine that as a full-time A-lister, perhaps we’d get used to hearing a selection of the most absurd, ridiculous or downright disturbing rumours related to us/our family/our cat.

And if we were part of the Kardashian klan, those rumours would probably be on a WHOLE other level of crazy. But we have to admit, this one particular rumour about Kim Kardashian really takes the biscuit…

When asked what the strangest thing she’s ever heard about her family for Elle magazine, Kourtney’s answer was of course, insane.

‘There was some random rumour floating around that Kim lit a skunk on fire,’ the 36 year-old revealed.

‘It’s absurd…obviously Kim does not set living things on fire! Anything I’ve heard about myself- it just pales in comparison to that.’

Yeah we can only imagine Kourt…

Kim Kourtney selfie
The rumour mill is always going for these two…


And LOL how Kim manages to out-do her sisters in the rumour-stakes too, of course.

The whole thing kind of got us thinking about our threee other favourite Kim Kardashian rumours that we’ve heard over the years…

1. Kim and Kanye want to be British aristocracy 

We really hope this one comes true because how marvellous would it be to see Kim and Ye rubbing shoulders with the royals? Well according to our very own Mirror last year, the couple wanted to buy a plot of land in the English countryside and invest in a Medieval style family portrait to cement their position in British society. (Well Kanye’s album was called Watch The Throne, remember?)

Kim K gif
Could we be seeing Kim in the British countryside soon?!


2. Kim ‘dumped’ by Kanye four days after giving birth to Saint

Ok, so this is actually super-sad and we hope it didn’t happen, but Life & Style published a story earlier this year stating that ‘devastated Kim was dumped four days after the birth of their son’. However, judging from all the cute Instagram snaps and family public appearances, Ye is very much a hands-on Dad and the family’s going strong – so there.

kanye North West
Kanye being a Dad…


3. Kim wanted to work for Amal Clooney

Perhaps it’s the image of Kim sitting at a desk in a mink coat, trawling through legal documents with a $1000 manicure that cracks us up. Or the idea of Amal and Kim having a convo that lasts longer than five minutes, but either way this one rumour is totally our fav. Earlier this year there were reports that Kim was ‘begging’ Amal for a job as her legal assistant and was getting in touch with her people to try and make it happen. Er, WHAT IS REAL ANYMORE?

Kim K gif
Anything is possible with Kim…



By Georgina Lawton