Crashing: The New TV Show *Everyone* Is Talking About

Can’t afford sky-high rent? Living with a group of strangers in an old pub…school… (you get the picture) as a ‘Property Guardian’ aka the urban commune? And have pretty much no idea what you want to do with your life?

If any of the above sound all too familiar to you, you have to watch Crashing, stat! The first episode aired last night – about a group of 20 and 30 somethings living in an old hospital – and the LOOK office is already obsessed.

Here’s the lowdown on the new sitcom giving Girls a run for its money…

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Has Penned The Script

Broadchurch fans will definitely remember this face. But while the 30-year old actress and playwright made a name for herself as a stoney-faced lawyer in the hit murder series last year, she’s bringing the LOLs in her debut TV show, that she also stars in (more on that later).

> Meet the mastermind behind the new TV show


You’ll Recognise *Many* Character’s In Crashing

Your BGFF’s (best-guy-friend-forever) needy-but-nice girlfriend. The over-sexed house mate who wants to sleep with everyone. And chain-smoking cool girls who look a bit tortured most of the time. They’re all in there…



Fans Of Girls And Drifters Will LOVE This Show…

Ever get the feeling you’re a child playing dress up in an adult world? Well, this TV show is the perfect depiction of the ‘finding themselves’ generation. Case in point: the chaotic, ukelele-playing character Lulu, played by Phoebe herself. Waller-Bridge admits Lulu is a mix of fiction and reality. “It came from those deluded wannabe manic pixie dream girl, ukulele-playing arseholes that I can completely recognise in myself,” she admits.”You know – people who are desperately trying to be fun all of the time… relentlessly so.”

> Party on!


It’s Got Killer Cameos…

We’re already a little bit in love with the cocky (but oddly lovable) estate agent, played by fellow Broadchurch star, Jonathan Bailey. And later on in the series expect a surprise appearance from comic legend Kathy Burke too.

> W1A and Broadchurch star Jonathan Bailey is hilarious in the show

> Crashing depicts the realities of shared housing for millennials


So, if we hadn’t mentioned already, this new sitcom is a serious gamechanger! A TV show that makes us feel a little less bad about our own kidulthood? We’re in… 

The second episode of Crashing airs on Channel 4 next Tuesday at 10pm.

By Emma Firth