Jessica Cunningham’s Boyfriend Threatens To Dump Her Over Calum Best

'If anything more was to happen then we won’t be dating anymore'

Jessica Cunningham’s boyfriend Courtney Wood has been pretty cool about her flirting with Calum Best on Celebrity Big Brother.

But The Apprentice star has made it clear that their romance will be over if things go any further. Eep.

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Calum Best and Jessica Cunningham on Celebrity Big Brother

Calum Best treated Jessica Cunningham to a shoulder massage over the weekend…

Courtney, 30, tells The Sun: ‘There was a bit of flirting with Calum and I’m completely cool with that. But if anything more was to happen then we won’t be dating any more.

‘At the moment we are just in the dating stages but when you’re seeing a girl and find out she’s kissing someone else then nah.

‘I knew there were two single guys in there – and now I’m happy that there wasn’t more!’

Courtney Wood and Jessica Cunningham

Jessica Cunningham is dating her Apprentice co-star Courtney Wood

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After Jessica entered the house last Friday, we saw her receive a sensual massage from Calum. Then earlier this week, she admitted that she ‘liked’ him.

Courtney’s since been inundated with Tweets about his other half – some of which have NOT been kind.

Enjoying the view 😎 #tenerife #calvinklein #christmaspresent

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But he’s not taking the situation too seriously. First, he Tweeted: ‘Nah Callum Best doesn’t count, everyone fancies Callum best, even I fancy Callum best 😬 #cbb.’

Now he’s explained: ‘I am used to Twitter trolls. People were calling her a s*** and saying I had been mugged off. I got about 300-400 tweets, everyone was straight on it.

‘I wouldn’t say I jumped to her defence, I just gave my honest opinion on the situation. For me it wasn’t that hard or difficult.’

He’s even hinted that he could be heading into the house himself.

When @courters_wood denies he ❤s you, but you know the truth…. funny little thing 😏

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‘If it ramps up to anything more then get me in the house. I feel like I could provide some entertaining television,’ he says.

‘If I was to go in it would be interesting to see how the dynamic of the house would change.’

Ooh. We agree.