7 Quotes From Courtney Act That Will Make You Woke AF

The star of Rupaul's Drag Race loves to drop a #CourtneyFact. And we're here for them...

We’re totally on board with the fact that Courtney Act is our new favourite person.

Not only are her makeup skills the definition of flawless, but she’s also winning the well-deserved reputation of spokesperson and all around QUEEN when it comes to touching on those tough topical issues.


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Shane Gilberto Jenek, who has is also known by his drag queen name Courtney Act, is a TV personality, singer and social media sensation.

Dishing out #CourtneyFacts, the star of RuPaul’s Drag Race has made it his mission to highlight LGBTQ+ issues – as well as other marginalised and minority groups – and to help to inject a better understanding into the mainstream.

Here’s just a few of the gems that we think deserve a sassy finger click or two.

1. When Courtney was helping her CBB housemates understand the gender scale

‘I would say [it’s] like the Kinsey scale with sexuality from zero to six, where zero is exclusively heterosexual and six is exclusively homosexual.

‘I think that gender’s similar where you know if one is female and six is male I’m probably a four.

‘Gender can exist on a spectrum.’

2. This no-BS guide to feminism: ‘You’re about to see a boy who often looks like a girl talk to people of all gender identities about feminism…’

‘All you have to do to be a feminist is support women and see them as no better or no worse than you. It’s that simple! No hidden fees!’

3. ‘Consent is sexy!’ 

Shane calling out the ‘snowflake’ response to recent sexual harassment allegations had us shouting ‘YAAAS’ at our TV screens.

‘Just because now people are hearing about it everybody is like, “oh, you’re all snowflakes”, rather than just being sexually abused.’

4. Being so open about the mystery behind ‘how to tuck…’

Helping to break down barriers and increase understanding, Shane has never been afraid to open up about the ways of a drag queen.

‘The first time I ever did it, and looked at myself in a full-length mirror, was actually really challenging for my brain…’

5. On victim-blaming

‘People try and use that argument to invalidate but the statistic of sex crimes that are misreported, which is a very small percentage, but people wanna say, “Oh but maybe this person is just making it up.”

‘And that’s blaming the victim.’

6. Courtney also doesn’t shy away from structural racism. 

‘An ally is someone that wants to fight for the equality of a marginalised group that they are not a part of…’

7. On any potential backlash and handling haters… 

Courtney told Huffington Post: ‘I think that any kind of discomfort stems from ignorance and I think that by talking about these topics, people will come to understand them.’

We couldn’t agree more.

And perhaps we should all take a lesson or two from Shane/Courtney on how to approach these conversations in a calm and compassionate way…