New Study Reveals The Countries That Drink The Most

The debate surrounding which nation are better drinkers is an age-old one, but a new report puts discussion to bed by compiling data of which countries really drink the most.

According to the data collected by the OECD, Lithuania tops the list of countries worldwide that most enjoy a tipple. Drinking around 14 litres per person, per year, Lithuania drunk the highest consumption of alcohol on average.

Lithuania was closely followed by Austria, Estonia, and the Czech Republic, who all, on average, drunk around 11-12 litres per person, per year.

Clearly Europe is the biggest drinking continent. In fact, of the top 20 countries 19 were European, with Australia being the only non-European country to make it.

At the other end of the spectrum, Indonesia was found to be the country who drinks the least. Indonesians drunk close to 0 litres of alcohol a year (so, basically nothing), and other alcohol avoiding countries included Turkey, India, and Israel, all of which drunk on average somewhere between 1-3 litres per person. It is important to mention that these teetotal nations all probably avoid alcohol for religious or cultural reasons though.

So the big question is: where do us Brits fall in the list? At 19 we are faring a bit better than many of our European neighbours, but we still drink nearly 10 litres on average which doesn’t make us that behind some of the biggest drinking countries.

What is interestingly to note though, is that the research found that the averages are actually skewed by the big drinking proportion of the population. The report explained that, “Alcohol consumption is highly concentrated, as the large majority of alcohol is drunk by the 20% of the population who drink the most … The 20% heaviest drinkers in Hungary consume about 90% of all alcohol consumed, while in France the share is about 50%.”